Get Your Photograph Ready

Real Estate

Preparing Your Home For Photos

One of the most important days in your home sale journey will be picture day. Below are a few pointers to get you ready.

De- Clutter

Remove all loose items from kitchen & bathroom counters
Place all kitchen appliances in pantry, or out of sight (no toasters, coffee makers, etc on counter)
Tuck away any loose cables from TV sets, radios, etc
If possible, de-clutter closets & leave just a few items hanging in closet
Remove any trash cans in kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms out of sight
Remove toys, lawn mowers, trash bins, etc out of sight from front and backyard
No cars parked in the driveway
If towels on towel racks in bathroom do not match wall colors, remove and put away
If you still have Christmas lights on your roof, please take down


Light Staging

Invest in a “bed-in-a-bag” package from Ross or Marshalls so your bed spread has new, vibrant colors that will make it pop in photos
If not possible to buy new bedding, make sure bed is made
If the drapes, blinds, or curtains in your home have not been updated in several years, or if the colors are faded, invest in new curtains or take them down
If shower curtain has soap scum, has faded colors, or has an outdated print, invest in new shower curtain
A few flowers in a vase on the kitchen table go a long way
A few potted plants in the front yard can work wonders
Open windows & doors to let as much light in as possible
Turn on all lights
If your living space or kitchen space is small, remove any extra chairs or furniture that may help open up space


A Little Extra

If budget allows and it’s needed:

Clean or replace carpets
Fresh paint on front door
Upgrade fixtures at kitchen & bathroom sinks
Replace all missing and burnt out light bulbs
Patch and paint any apparent holes in walls
Repaint eaves and facia boards if paint is worn